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The E-TRAC is an advanced detector incorporating Minelab’s Full Band Spectrum (FBS) technology and SmartfindTM discrimination. Its sleek, sturdy design, innovative control panel, intuitive menus, clear LCD screen, robust lightweight coil and comprehensive targeting options set the E-TRAC apart from other brands. The E-TRAC will locate valuable metal objects in a variety of mineralised ground conditions such as extremely salty soils, seawater, wet beach sand and highly magnetic ground conditions.

The E-TRAC Xchange program enables you to connect your metal detector to your home computer to download and upload your E-TRAC settings, user modes and discrimination patterns. This advanced feature is also designed to allow you to quickly configure the E-TRAC at the touch of a button so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

MINELAB E-TRAC Metal Detector

  • Frequency/Transmission: Multiple frequencies: 1.5 – 100kHz
    Coil (standard): 11″ Double-D lightweight, waterproof
    Battery: 1600mAh NiMH or alkaline batteries
    Length: 1060mm -1380mm (41.7″ – 54.3″)
    Weight: 1.6kg (3.5lbs) (ex. battery)
    Warranty: 3 years control box & coil

  • This detector is eligible for professional instruction to learn how to find meteorites in the field. Click HERE to sign up for Meteorite Hunting Adventures. 

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