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The beloved science / adventure series "Meteorite Men" was originally commissioned by Science Channel and produced by LMNO Productions, but went on to air on Discovery and other major networks worldwide and was seen by millions of people. The show was produced between 2009 and 2011 and first-run episodes continued to air into 2012.

Starring science writer Geoff Notkin and treasure hunter Steve Arnold, the show's three globe-trotting seasons popularized space rocks to a global audience, introduced a generation to the concept of meteorite hunting, and resulted in the discovery of untold numbers of new space rocks, some of which contributed significant data to the science of meteoritics.


"Meteorite Men" won two Telly Awards for excellence in television and continues to enjoy a devoted international fan following. In August of 2021, the show enjoyed a resurgence as it began airing on multiple streaming networks including Curiosity and Sling.

In 2019 the Meteorite Men reunited for an original 10-part YouTube series called "Fireball Steve." The series was written and hosted by Steve Arnold and directed by Geoff Notkin. 


Steve and Geoff remain very active in the world of meteorites and are two of its best-known figures. Steve currently operates a ghost-hunting business in Eureka Springs; Geoff is on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, a widely-published science writer, and the producer of numerous documentary and feature films including "First to the Moon: The Journey of Apollo 8," and "Revenge of Zoe."


The guys manage their own social media and enjoy meeting and talking with viewers on the official "Meteorite Men" Facebook page and through their own personal accounts. 

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