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The Meteorite Men re-visited Morocco during a 2018 hunting expedition. Celebrate the 20+ year anniversary of the show with an all-new photograph of Geoff and Steve in the Sahara! The Sahara is the largest "hot desert" in the world and the ultimate playground for meteorite hunters.   

Agoudal (Iron IIAB)
Found in Morocco, 2000


In 2000, small pieces of an iron meteorite were collected near Agoudal in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Known also by its provisional name, Imilchil, the meteorite was classified as an IIAB iron. After a small specimen was sold to a dealer in Errich, who recognized it as an authentic space rock, hunters returned to the find site in 2012 and uncovered a considerable amount of meteorites, most of them small pieces found on the surface or buried a few centimeters deep. 

Agoudal individuals display a beautiful natural patina and, when cleaned, some reveal orientation and flow lines with tiny regmaglypts. An interesting desert iron with attractive shapes and rich natural patina.


Every meteorite is unique; yours will be similar to the one photographed, but not exactly the same. 

Agoudal Meteorite Men Re-Visit Collectible

  • Approximately 3-5 gram Agoudal iron, Meteorite Men photo, postcard, embossed Certificate of Authenticity, and specimen identification card.

    $30.00 with free shipping in the USA!

  • We strongly recommend that our customers purchase postal insurance for all orders. Insurance only costs a few dollars and protects both purchaser and seller in case a package gets lost in the mail. United States Postal Service insurance rates are available upon request. For high-value specimens, we recommend sending packages by Registered Mail.

    PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Meteorite Men are not responsible for uninsured packages once they are turned over to a carrier. In the unlikely event that an insured package is lost, the buyer will be refunded in full or may substitute another specimen of comparable value. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, return it for a refund or exchange within 14 days (less shipping costs). We reserve the right to charge a 30% restocking fee on returned items.

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