The rarest of the three main types of meteorites, the stony-irons are divided into two groups: the mesosiderites and pallasites.


Pallasites are perhaps the most alluring of all meteorites, and they are certainly of great interest to collectors and enthusiasts. Pallasites consist of a nickel-iron matrix rich in colorful olivine crystals. When olivine crystals are of sufficient purity and display an emerald- green color, they are known as the gemstone peridot. Pallasites are believed to have formed at the core/mantle boundary of large asteroids and they are extremely rare. As of 2021, out of the approximately 66,000 officially recognized meteorites, there are only 138 known pallasites.

Stony-Iron Meteorite Magnetic Collectible

    • Meteorite Type: Stony-Iron Meteorite, Brenham
    • Additional Information: Comes displayed in 3″x 2” three part acrylic presentation box with magnets.