esearchers estimate that meteorites from Mars are between the ages of 4.5 to 200 billion years old. By comparison, the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old, which means some meteorites are as old as our very own planet.Not only are these rocks incredibly ancient, but the journey that they’ve taken to get here is also a perilous one. Few meteorites survive their passage through Earth’s atmosphere, and fewer still are ever recovered by human beings. Meteorites land indiscriminately, and many have fallen in our oceans or in remote areas where they are either unreachable or have been destroyed by the elements. Of the rocks that are successfully recovered, only a small percentage are positively identified as meteorites, let alone meteorites of Martian origin.That’s why fewer than 0.01% of all meteorites discovered on Earth come from the Moon or Mars, and why there are so expensive – few materials are so rare and difficult to come by. Though some Martian meteorite specimens may be very small, they are nonetheless part of our cosmic past and our history. Even the smallest of meteorites is part of a story larger than our own planet’s, and one that dates to the dawn of our solar system.Small meteorite specimens give everyone an opportunity to actually hold and own a piece of outer space and are great as unique gifts, learning tools, and just for fun. Aerolite is proud to offer space rocks for less than $200 and as low as $10. Because meteorites are unique, you will receive a similar piece that may not look exactly as photographed. Includes a signed statement of authenticity on the reverse.

Magnetic Collectible: Mars Meteorite

    • Meteorite type: Martian Meteorite, NWA 6963
    • Additional Information: Comes displayed in 3″x 2” three part acrylic presentation box with magnets