A genuine Meteorite Men find from the secret Alpha Site
Found on Meteorite Men! Collectible MM-20
We thought this item long-since SOLD OUT, but we found three packed away in our storage space. First come, first served for this very desirable Meteorite Men collectible. Only three available!

Three episodes of Meteorite Men were filmed at the now famous, and once top secret, Alpha Site in Kansas: The Pilot Episode, Episode One of Season Two, and Episode Seven of Season Three. After keeping the location confidential for many years, the Meteorite Men recently revealed Alpha to be the historic Admire pallasite, first discovered in 1881.

This beautiful part slice, set in lucite, is from one of the actual masses found on camera by the Meteorite Men at the Alpha/Admire site, while filming the pilot episode. These lovely olivine-rich part slices have been expertly prepared by one of our top prep artists, and have been professionally set in a lucite block, making for an alluring and unique collectible. A very limited number are available.

Dimensions of the lucite block are 2 inches by 3 inches. Please note: The piece pictured is a representative example. Every meteorite slice is unique and has its own individual character. The piece you receive will be similar, but not identical to the one pictured. We guarantee that you will be delighted with your Meteorite Men Admire Display Set, or you may send it back for refund or exchange.

Each piece is accompanied by the following:

• An exclusive color photo of Geoff and Steve with their largest Alpha/Admire find

• A signed certificate of authenticity confirming that this actual specimen was found on the show

$175.00 plus shipping

Your Admire meteorite will be accompanied by a 4 x 6 print of this exclusive photo
of the Meteorite Men with their largest find at the secret Alpha Site
$175.00 plus shipping
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